Slimella Fit

Getting rid of extra weight does not have to be complicated if you have and use the right supplements. Developed by scientist and microbiology expert Kazimierz Bobrowski, Slimella Fit consists of natural ingredients that support weight loss. If you are fighting for a slim figure, Slimella Fit is the solution you should choose.

What is Slimella Fit?

Slimella Fit is a dietary supplement that has a positive effect on the body’s metabolic rate. It speeds up the process of fat removal and ensures your body burns fat during the day and night, no matter what you do. Thanks to the modern Slimella Fit formula you will lose weight even while you sleep!

The most important feature of Slimella Fit capsules is that you don’t have to follow a strict diet to reduce the next kilos of fat. You don’t have to starve, and you don’t have to sweat for hours at the gym to get a slim and athletic body. The effective formula of Slimella Fit is so powerful that it promotes weight loss regardless of your current weight, genes, diet, and general health. Thanks to its natural composition, this product is 100% safe.

Since Slimella Fit is a natural dietary supplement, it does not cause any side effects. In fact, it supports your health by giving you more energy and detoxifying your body. Basically, the product works in two steps – first, it cleanses your body, eliminating toxins and harmful chemicals. Then it automates the fat burning process, in which fat cells are broken down. These processes take place naturally and also help to remove the fat from your stomach, thighs and buttocks that are difficult to get rid of.

Slimella Fit dietary supplement is available in the form of gel capsules, which should be taken every day for maximum weight loss benefits. The dose is one capsule before breakfast and one capsule before lunch to get rid of at least 14 kg of weight in 28 days.

Slimella Fit – composition

Slimella Fit, thanks to the natural action of ingredients known and used in folk medicine, naturally suppresses appetite, and speeds up metabolism.

Slimella Fit’s active ingredients include:

  • Brindle berry (Garcinia Cambogia) – contains hydroxycitric acid, which accelerates the burning of visceral fat (so-called deep fat), inhibits appetite and lowers cholesterol. It can help with hypertension, has a slight stimulating effect, and improves mood.
  • Magnolia vine –  is a valuable climber originating in China, Korea and Siberia and is used as an ornamental, medicinal, and consumption plant. The extract from its fruit is used, among other things, to speed up metabolism, to treat cardiac diseases – including hypertension and heart attacks, liver diseases, maintaining the efficiency of the nervous system – as well as to improve concentration and remove fatigue.
  • Green coffee – several studies have given green coffee extract to mice and found that their total body weight and fat accumulation have decreased significantly. This substance supports the body in losing weight.
  • Yacón, white mulberry, acai palm, wakame, chromium, iodine.

Slimella Fit – clinical trials

The factor that most affects the susceptibility to weight fluctuations is metabolism. Its speed determines how many calories we have to consume to start losing weight. For example, a person with a fast metabolism and reduced calorie intake will lose weight much faster than a person with a slow metabolism. When your metabolism is very slow, you can gain weight while eating very little.

Slimella Fit dietary supplement naturally influences your metabolism, so you can lose weight without even applying a calorie deficit, and so without implementing any diet!

There are clinical studies measuring the effect of Slimella Fit supplement on the metabolism of people suffering from obesity. A total of 100 patients with second degree obesity have been selected equally. Such patients would normally be subjected to an invasive surgical treatment involving gastric bypass.

During the study, two parameters were observed: weight variation during the experiment and appetite (measured on a scale of 1-10), while monitoring energy demand.

It turned out that the Slimella Fit dietary supplement lowers the appetite, while causing a faster feeling of satiety during a meal.

time1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks5 weeks6 weeks
Appetite (average)8,777,645,14,534,014,03

Lose weight quickly and effectively

During the study, after just two weeks of regular use of Slimella Fit, the appetite was reduced by one point on the scale. Patients chose smaller, less fattening meals. This was followed by the sharpest decline. After 28 days of the experiment, most patients claimed to have a small, healthy appetite, slightly increasing around lunch.

time1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
Daily calorie intake (average)7373 kcal5333 kcal2500 kcal2124 kcal

The patients, despite unlimited calorie intake, treated their intake completely differently at the beginning and end of the experiment. During the first weekend, they consumed a number of calories that exceeded their needs on average more than twice. At the beginning of the second weekend, they slowly began to avoid snacking between meals, which resulted in a significant decrease in the overall average calorie intake. As early as the fourth weekend, most of the participants reduced their calories to their actual needs.

At the same time, it is worth noting that none of the patients started to follow a strict diet at that time, i.e. they did not go below their actual calorie requirement.

Practically all patients started to lose weight during the first weekend. The biggest weight loss was recorded between the third and fourth weekend of the experiment. None of the respondents complained about the ailments associated with excessive weight loss, on the contrary, many claimed to be more stimulated (24% of the respondents), sleep better (32.2% of the respondents) and have more energy for physical activity (56.4% of the respondents).

At the same time, it should be remembered that the experiment was carried out on a group of obese people, poorly promising when using traditional diets. People who are only overweight or slightly obese should experience the effects of the Slimella Fit supplement much faster.

Slimella Fit  – opinions of nutritionists

“It is a measure highly valued by dieticians in the treatment and prevention of obesity”, says Dr Kazimierz Bobrowski, a dietician and creator of the formula. “Ingredients found in Slimella Fit can be found in many other specifics of this type, but only here are they balanced enough to suppress appetite and speed up metabolism, while not causing negative side effects. It is worth remembering that a very restrictive diet can lead to a serious calorie deficit, so it is not recommended without a supervising dietician. At the same time, it is worth using non-invasive supplements such as Slimella Fit. Slimella Fit is characterized by a high harmony of active substances, which contributes to its high effectiveness. At the same time, these substances are fully natural, not disturbing the homeostasis of the body.”.

Slimella Fit – patients’ opinions

“From the time I was growing up, I was overweight. At the age of thirteen, I grew not only in height, but also, what’s worse, wider. In middle school I was the thickest boy, the hygienist sent me to a dietician in front of all my friends and told me to call my parents to school. Over the next few years, I fought with my weight, but it was Slimella Fit which helped me lose weight. I went down to 73kg in just six weeks. That’s when I started to be successful with girls.”.

Joe, 31,

“I’ve always had problems with obesity. My parents ignored the problem, they thought it was good that the child was round and would eat anything they put on the plate. I didn’t see the problem for a long time until it occurred to me that I felt bad because of my overweight. I tried different diets and exercises, but it was physically difficult for me, I couldn’t stand the pressure, I ate between meals, telling myself that it didn’t count. When I started taking Slimella Fit, I immediately noticed a drop in appetite. I had more energy and strength to wait for the next meal. I quickly lost 58kg.”

Nicki, 43,

Start using Slimella Fit – a natural food supplement

If you have an obesity problem and feel discouraged by traditional diets, Slimella Fit will be the supplement for you. Its natural composition perfectly suits your individual needs, so you can lose weight without sacrifices or compulsions, such as a strict diet or daily exercise. A special blend derived from the knowledge of traditional medicine has a non-invasive effect on metabolism, inhibits appetite, which leads to weight loss, lower cholesterol and consequently improves the quality of life.

Slimella Fit dietary supplement can be the answer to weight maintenance problems for everyone, regardless of gender, age, and degree of overweight or obesity. It works best in people who regularly consume excess calories, but even in those who are slightly overweight, it works effectively, even in four weeks leading to total loss of excess calories.

Experts are very enthusiastic about Slimella Fit, praising its natural composition and the right balance of active ingredients. It has been shown that supplementation with this agent does not cause side effects often associated with preparations used during the diet, i.e. fatigue, yo-yo effect, hair loss and nail weakness. Slimella Fit is therefore an ideal dietary supplement for everyone.

FAQ – Slimella Fit

How many capsules does the package contain and how should I dose Slimella Fit?

Standard packaging contains 30 capsules. The full recommended weight loss treatment is 60 capsules. Slimella Fit should be taken twice a day - one capsule before breakfast and another before dinner.

Is the preparation vegan?

Yes, Slimella Fit was composed exclusively from natural ingredients of plant origin.

Can Slimella Fit be combined with other food supplements?

There are no contraindications for combining Slimella Fit with other supplements that support weight loss, accelerate metabolism, or facilitate detoxification of the body.

Where can I find the full list of ingredients and excipients contained in the Slimella Fit supplement?

The full list of preparation ingredients can be found on the product leaflet.

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